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Mission of the Executive MBA program consists in development of the open-minded professional top managers, who is capable:

  • To synthesize often the opposite opinions of managers of different functional departments of the company  to make an important strategic decision for the company;
  • To create a capable team for the realization of solution;
  • To head the team, to lead the process of change, and to make the strategic decision come true.

To achiev this goal we consider necessary:

  • to structurt the practical experience of the participants and  to increase their knowledge on all relevant management issues;
  • to improve their skills in using this knowledge in practical situations;
  • to develop a professional attitude that is needed to be a successful business leader;
  • to confront them with their personal competences, limitations and personality, and stimulate their personal development to overcome the related barriers.

Executive MBA program is aimed at de-specialization of managers. There is no matter what is the business-specialization of participant of our program. He can be a financier, a marketing specialist, head of sales or IT-specialist, an operation manager or head of HRM department. After the graduation of the program she/he must be ready to occupy the top management position with the responsibility for a company as a whole. 


After successful completion of EMBA,  a participant will be able to:
  • lead the process of development and implementation of corporate strategy;
  • efficiently realize her/his leadership potential in business administration;
  • organically combine shareholder wealth maximization concept with ethical norms, business sustainability and social responsibility.