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WEEKEND format eliminates the need 2-3 times a week leave from work for 1-2 hours early to catch a class, and prevent you from constant stress associated with standing in horrendous traffic jams in Moscow or travel in a crowded subway (which, unfortunately, is typical for an evening format).

WEEKEND format requires you to periodic multi-day absences in the office, which is typical for a modular format and, unfortunately, may not always be approved by your employer.

Format WEEKEND provide almost the same regularity of the sessions that evening format, together with a deep immersion in the material under study and fellowship with fellow group characteristic of a modular format.

Format WEEKEND - a format «COMBI», which combines the advantages of an evening and a modular format and minimizes their shortcomings.
Moscow weekend program consists of 16 modules.

First joint  module (1 week) – Guangzhou (China) - "Business in China: management culture, business practice, international negotiations" - Lingnan University College at Sun-Yat-Sen University).

Second joint module (1 week) – Boston (USA) - “Supply Chain Management: Driving Strategic Advantage, Managing Dynamics & Innovating the Future” - Massachusetts Insitute of Technology . The module is devoted to the problems of operations management and logistics.

Third joint module (1 week) – Antwerp (Belgium) - "International Business Strategies" - Antwerp Management School.

Final module in Moscow (4 days) – Master projects presentations and final exams in June, 2018

Fotogallery: Joint traning modules in Antwerp

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