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The Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow)

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Since May 2007 MBA and Executive MBA programmes of IBS-Moscow are accredited by AMBA.

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Segey Myasoedov
Vice-Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy (RANEPA),  Dean of the Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow), President of RABE, Professor 

History of IBS-Moscow

IBS-Moscow was set up on March 1, 1988 by a group of young university professors as an independent, self-financing, non-profit making business school. It was modelled on the leading Western educational centers. Initially it rented space at a traditional Soviet University. The market-driven, flexible organization of IBS-Moscow came into conflict and finally clashed with an orthodox educational system renowned for its slow reaction to change. That was why in 1993 IBS-Moscow was forced to change its location.

Fortunately, the Academy of National Economy under the auspices of the Russian Government offered its premises to IBS-Moscow. The Academy was a state University founded in the Soviet times by the Government with a specific purpose of retraining top managers and state officials. (In the USSR it was the Ministry of Education that established the majority of the Universities, whose total number amounts to nearly 600. Only two Universities were established by the Government, and they are considered the most prestigious in Russia).

Starting from the early 1990s the Academy became the champion in business education reforms in the country. In 2000-2002 the ratings of the leading national universities ranked the Academy of National Economy under the auspices of the Russian Government as number two, following the world famous Moscow State University, and named it number one economic university in the country.

Trying to combine the academic advantages of a big university with the strength and flexibility of customer-driven business education the Academy was reorganized into a unique (the only one in Russia today) educational complex comprising a number of self-sufficient business schools and centers.

In 1994 IBS-Moscow was established as part of the educational complex of the Academy of National Economy under the auspices of the Russian Government.

Its full official name is: "The Institute of Business Studies, Academy of National Economy under the auspices of the Russian Government ".

The abbreviation and the licensed logo were kept without change: "IBS-Moscow".

As a part of the Academy IBS-Moscow changed its legal status from a private non-profit making center to a state-owned institute. Legally, according to the Charter, it is "a structural unit founded by the Academy with the rights and privileges of a legal entity".

It means that although IBS-Moscow is a part of the Academy it is self-financed and enjoys financial, marketing and operational independence in its activities. It is granted with privileges to use the campus facilities of the Academy (classes, equipment, libraries, swimming pool etc.), to enjoy the brand name, to be represented on the Academic Council, on the Accreditation Council and other elective governing bodies of the Academy, to pass internal accreditation for the right to issue State recognized undergraduate and graduate Degrees, etc.

In its turn IBS-Moscow undertakes to follow the high ethical principles of the academic community, to care about the brand name of its founder, to provide the high quality education that meets the expectations of the business community.

International activities of IBS-Moscow

The word "international" was extremely important and many-sided for IBS from the beginning. Before 1994 it was in the name of the institute - International Business School.

First, it supposes international quality level of the education programmes, concerning not only the content but also the methods of teaching and organization of activities of the institute as a whole. A key to succeeding this task was a 2-year programme of raising the level of professors of IBS in the best business schools of the world: Harvard , Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD.

Second, the word "international" means organization of programmes in cooperation with European and US universities on a constant long-term basis.

The best example is the first in Russia Executive MBA programme of a western business school - the Antwerp Management School, which is conducted by IBS in cooperation with Antwerp Management School. Since the initiation of the programme in 1998 more than 220 Russian managers were granted the Executive MBA Degree and Diploma of the Antwerp Management School.

Another important aspect in the activity of IBS is the "Double Degree" programme for bachelor students.

  • IBS has agreements with 3 European universities concerning this "Double Degree" programme for a Bachelor in management:
  • Luton Business School, University of Luton (UK)
  • Higher School of Economics in Rotterdam (HES/ISER, Netherlands)
  • Ecole Superiuere Libre de Sciences Commerciales Appliquees (ESLSCA, Paris, France)

According to these agreements after 2 years of studying in IBS, Russian students have an opportunity to study 2 years in one of the partner universities and get a Bachelor Degree from them. Having successfully completed the BBA programs of HES/ISER, or ESLSCA, or University of Luton, Russian students obtain the BBA degrees of those universities and return to IBS-Moscow for one more year to finish off the Russian program and obtain the Russian State Degree of Higher Education.

In 1999 IBS-Moscow joined the International Business Schools Exchange Network (IBSEN) as an observer. This step opened up new opportunities in promoting our cooperation with European and American universities. For example, while studying at University of Luton or HES/ISER, IBS-Moscow students have the option of spending one semester in one of the 16 universities- members of IBSEN. IBSEN comprises 4 American universities (of Northern Carolina, Michigan, Western Florida and Central Arkansas), 2 Canadian universities (in Manitoba and Victoria) and 12 European universities (2 in the UK, 3 in France, 2 in Switzerland, 2 in Germany, 1 in Spain, 1 in Portugal and 1 in Finland).

In the context of our cooperation with IBSEN, during their education in Luton, 3 of our students spent a semester in the University of Manitoba (Canada) and another 2 spent a semester in the University of Belfield (Germany).

Since 1996 more than 30 of our students were granted a western Bachelor's Degree in Management. Today about 30 of our students are studying in three European business schools - the partners of IBS.

Starting from the fall semester 2002, 4-6 of the most successful graduates of the IBS-Moscow undergraduate program will get an opportunity to join the second year of a full time MBA at Babcock Graduate School of Business, Wake Forrest University (NC, USA) and Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). The evaluation of curricula and syllabuses of the IBS-Moscow five year undergraduate program has been completed recently by our American partners. As a result a decision was made. Provided that IBS-Moscow BBA graduates get sufficient grades in TOEFL and GMAT they can do the second year of a full time MBA in the said universities and enjoy special grants provided by the host universities, which cover the considerable amount of tuition fees.

Third, IBS is from the beginning a full member of the international society of educational institution in the field of business education. Among the most significant organizations are the European Fund of Management Development (EFMD), the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Central and Eastern Europe Management Association (CEEMAN) and the American Council for International Educational Exchange (ACIEE). Cooperation with these organizations helps IBS to be in the know of the latest tendencies in business education and participate in working-up of some principal decisions in this field.

Fourth, IBS is involved in foreign programmes of many first-rated western universities. Besides traditional "summer schools" for students of universities of Miami (Ohio, USA), Monterrey (Mexico) and others, IBS organizes long-term educational programmes for students of the best US Master's programmes in international business of the University of South Carolina and the American Graduate School of International Management Thunderbird (Arizona, USA).

IBS also conducts exclusive programmes for top managers from Netherlands, South African Republic, Denmark and USA.

All above mentioned programmes allow to call IBS an original bridge between Russia and foreign countries in the field of business education. In fact, a two-way traffic bridge!